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A Wellington couple were subjected to a terrifying ordeal when a man burst into their home this morning and threatened them with knives from their kitchen. The man allegedly kicked in the door of the couple's home at 2.30am before arming himself with two large kitchen knives and confronting the pair in their bedroom, Acting Detective Sergeant Mike Eckersley said. He demanded phones from the couple before forcing the 29-year-old male victim to go with him to an ATM and withdraw cash. The 34-year-old woman at the house then called police and the alleged offender was found at an ATM at nearby Waterloo. A 27-year-old man was charged with aggravated burglary, attempted aggravated robbery, threatening to kill and kidnapping.



A Christchurch mother crashed into a power pole while drink-driving with three young children in her car and tried to drive off, police say. The 28-year-old woman hit a power pole in Bower Ave, New Brighton, about 2.20pm yesterday. She had a reading of 1409 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal breath-alcohol limit is 400mcg for drivers over 20. Canterbury road policing manager Inspector Al Stewart said there were three children in the car under the age of five, including one who was unrestrained.




Two Queenstown men were jailed for what Judge Kevin Phillips called a premeditated kidnapping following a drug deal that went wrong. Friends Brodie O'Rourke, 24, and Michael Coulter, 25, were being sentenced for their part in the violent kidnapping of Jason Maynard last November which began at the top of the Crown Range and ended on the outskirts of Arrowtown. O'Rourke, who instigated the assault and detention of Mr Maynard, was sentenced to three years, six months' imprisonment and ordered to pay $3000 reparation to his victim. Coulter was sentenced to three years' jail and ordered to pay the same reparation as his friend.



Police may spend another two days at Jordan Voudouris' Paeroa pizza shop searching for clues to his killing. The 55-year-old's body was found in a pool of blood near his business, Mykonos Pizza and Pasta takeaways, about 6am on Monday. Waikato police have not yet revealed the nature or extent of his injuries, but a post-mortem examination carried out in Auckland yesterday confirmed his death as suspicious. Investigators are hunting two hooded people caught on CCTV committing robberies in nearby Waihi and Katikati in the hours before the death of Voudouris.



Ms Parata met SkyCity managers this afternoon about her alleged misconduct for carrying the Bible during shifts as a host at the casino - a habit she feared could cost her her job. It was determined at today's meeting that carrying a pocket Bible was not a disciplinary matter and Ms Parata was allowed to carry the book with her at work as long as it was not visible and she could use it during her breaks. "I am very happy with the outcome. I'm allowed the keep the Bible with me,'' said a smiling and relieved Ms Parata after the meeting.



Police have confirmed the identity of a skeleton found at Port Waikato's Sunset Beach last month. It belongs to Jane Furlong, who was last seen on Auckland's Karangahape Road 19 years ago. Detective Inspector Mark Benefield said police have been running a homicide investigation since the early morning discovery of Jane's remains on May 19, 2012. "Jane Marie Furlong was 17 when she was reported to Police as missing by her boyfriend, Danny Norsworthy, on May 28, 1993 after she failed to meet him as arranged on Karangahape Rd during the evening of May 26," Mr Benefield said.



The council is looking to make the cost of rubbish disposal consistent across the super city, which means those who dump more rubbish pay more. The idea to install a radio frequency identification tag to record the number of times the bin is lifted and emptied is outlined in the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, which is the focus of an Auckland Council meeting at 10am today. At present about 45% of Aucklanders use bags for their rubbish and therefore pay depending on how much rubbish they have. The other 55% have wheelie bins and can put as much rubbish as they can fit into the bin for the same set cost. The council's "disposer pays" plan proposes to get rid of bags and give householders an option of a 60 litre, 80 litre wheelie bin (the equivalent of about two rubbish bags), 140 litre or a 240 litre bin (the equivalent of about six rubbish bags) at a cost of between $2.50-$7.50 per collection. Each Aucklander sends about 800kg of rubbish to landfill each year. The councils is aiming to achieve a 30% reduction in waste to landfill by 2018 from domestic collections, 30% corporate reduction in waste to landfill by 2018, 30% combined private sector and council by 2027 and zero waste by 2040.



EQC has 200 assessors inspecting quake-damaged Christchurch homes but two have been named on a Facebook page as people homeowners should not deal with. Victor Cattermole says people should turn the two assessors away if they turn up at their property. "There tends to be dispute arise up after these people have visited, and people have got enough stress without having to deal with a dispute," Cattermole, who is behind the page, said. "The stress in Christchurch is 90% bureaucracy and insurance, and 10% the earth shaking."




Tradesmen and builders are leaving Christchurch in frustation over a lack of work and continuing delays to the quake-hit city's reconstruction. Although recruitment agencies continue to advertise overseas for qualified tradespeople to help with the devastated city's rebuild, local workers say there's not enough work to go around as it is. The Certified Builders Association of New Zealand says its members are showing "frustration, bewilderment and concern'' that jobs are being offered to overseas workers when they are struggling to find work themselves.




A family have been left without precious heirlooms after the Public Trust sold their grandmother's million dollar home without telling them - despite earlier promising they would be kept informed. Kerry Purdy has questioned the trust's ethics, saying her grandmother, Pauline "Joy" Haworth, had been diagnosed with dementia before signing over power of attorney. Late Sunday night, when browsing online property listings, Mrs Purdy's mother, who did not want to be named, saw that her mother's Remuera house had been sold at auction on June 5. It was valued at $1.5million by QV in July last year. The family have been denied access to the property. "We had no idea that it was even on the market, but now it's sold ... myself and my mother and auntie are absolutely devastated," Mrs Purdy said. "I can't believe they would do this." Mrs Haworth has just turned 90, and has been living in a resthome since December. Public Trust spokesman Brent Woodhead said Mrs Haworth had appointed the trust under an enduring power of attorney to act in her best interests.



New Zealand's current account deficit widened in the first quarter, mainly reflecting a drop in the goods and services balance as dairy export prices and oil shipments fell and the nation imported more fuel. The current account gap was $2.8 billion, seasonally adjusted, in the three months ended March 31, up $600 million from the final quarter of 2011, according to Statistics New Zealand. The annual deficit was $9.7 billion, or 4.8 per cent of gross domestic product. Economists in a Reuters survey had expected a quarterly gap of $1.1 billion, unadjusted, for an annual deficit of $9.4 billion, or 4.6 per cent of GDP.



And that gives rise to the second major question about asset sales. Iwi have been clear that, if the sales are to proceed, they will be keen to buy. But it is their stated reasons for doing so that deserve attention. Iwi leaders have made it clear that their intention to buy is so that they can hold the assets in trust for future generations of Maori. There can hardly be a starker contrast with the attitude of Key's Government, who - it seems - could not care less about future generations. So, the crucial question is, why are Maori so much better served by their leaders in this matter than the rest of us are by our own government?



Defence relations between the United States and New Zealand have warmed even more with the signing of a new defence co-operation pact in Washington. It is similar to the 2010 Wellington Declaration between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Murray McCully establishing what they called a "new strategic partnership. "New Zealand's relationship with the US has advanced significantly in the last three years, with the signing of the Wellington Declaration in 2010 and Prime Minister John Key's visit to Washington last year." The new arrangement establishes greater co-operation in maritime security, counter-terrorism, anti-piracy measures, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and United Nations and multilateral peace-keeping support initiatives. It also sets out greater cooperation in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in the Pacific region.



The Government has offered legislative changes which could allow the casino to have hundreds more pokie machines in return for SkyCity building the $350 million centre. Key was involved in the deal as tourism minister and said last week he had no concerns about the inquiry and would hand over any documents. Deputy Auditor General Phillippa Smith today told Parliament's finance and expenditure select committee the office had only begun scoping work on what would be a complex inquiry. "When we have isolated what the issues are exactly and who needs to be interviewed, then if it includes ministers, then yes ministers."



The Mixed Ownership Model Bill, which allows for the sale of 49 per cent of Mighty River Power, Genesis Energy, Meridian Energy and coal company Solid Energy, was debated at the committee stage yesterday. A potential part sale of Air NZ is not included in this legislation. The first public share offer - for a minority stake in Mighty River Power - is expected in the third quarter of this year, "markets permitting".


Value* $6.3b to $6.7b
2011 dividend to Government: $694m
Staff: 800
Biggest state owned generator.

価値 $6.3から$6.7ビリオン

Value* $1.6b to $1.7b
2011 dividend to Government: 0
Staff: 960
Biggest retailer with 670,000 customers.

価値 $1.6ビリオンから$1.7ビリオン

Value* $3.4b to $3.9b
2011 dividend to Government: $95m
Staff: 784
Generates close to 13% of NZ's power.

価値 $3.4ビリオンから$3.9ビリオン

Value* $1.7b to $3.3b
2011 dividend to Government: $20m
Staff: 1430
Produced four million tons of coal in 2010.

価値 $1.7ビリオンから$3.3ビリオン

* Currently 63% of the electricity generation is owned by the taxpayer via Mighty River Power 13%, Genesis Power 18%, Meridian Energy 32%. When National's mixed ownership model is completed that will fall to about 32%.

* 現在発電された電力のうち63%が納税者が所有するマイティリヴァーパワーの13%を通したもので、ジェネシスパワーが18%、メリディアンエナジーが32%。もし国民党が提案する共同所有が実現した場合、この数字はおよそ32%まで落ち込むことになる。


Last night's 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Melbourne may have shaken up some supermarket shelves but Kiwi ex-pats are unfazed. Geoscience Australia said the quake centred in Moe, a city in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland region of Victoria, about 135 km east of Melbourne. The organisation said the quake was the largest to hit the area in 109 years.





Up to 60 aftershocks have been felt across Victoria and in Melbourne following last night's 5.3-magnitude earthquake. The quake struck just before 9pm (11pm NZ time) with the epicentre between Traralgon and Moe in the state's southeast. The shaking lasted around 30 seconds but could be felt from Gippsland to metropolitan Melbourne and as far as Swan Hill in the state's northwest. Seismologist at Geoscience Australia, Marco Maldoni, said the aftershocks were minor but may continue to be felt for weeks.



Leave it to Italians to come up with just the thing to survive the dog days of summer: canine gelato. This Italian ice cream for dogs contains no milk, eggs or sugar, which are harmful to canines. With temperatures in Rome topping 36 degrees this week, dogs are lapping up the icy treat at a pet supply store on the outskirts of the capital. Dog-owner Anna Bordoni couldn't resist a taste from her mutt Elsa's cup and declared it "fantastic." Rome veterinarian Marialivia Palmieri says water remains the best cool-down treat for dogs. But she said the special canine gelato does dogs no harm - and can be gratifying for pet and owner. Flavours come in vanilla, rice and yogurt and a serving costs €2.



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